Transforming Tomorrow one project at a time

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As a preferred supplier, StudioGBN is creating a lot of different communication items for Aegon (Worldwide). Our core business (presentations and infographics) are frequently asked of course, but sometimes we take a look at a report, dashboard, icons, etc.

Mostly we work for Aegon Group and the Netherlands, keeping the visual style as consistent as possible. For group we use a more corporate based style and for Aegon the Netherlands we can be a bit more playful.

As designers we always look for ways to push the boundaries. We love PowerPoint and its capabilities, and we always look for new possibilities. But functional use of animations always wins from showing of complicated animation. Everything we produce in PowerPoint is for 100% created PowerPoint and therefor always editable by its user. Together we are transforming tomorrow one project at a time.

A lot of items have some confidential information and therefor we cannot disclose everything.

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